Salmon Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

This meal looks oobber fancy, smells amazing and may just wow your man (or dinner guest)…but it’s honestly super simple.

These Salmon Stuffed Mushrooms are basically a “dump” meal.

You dump most the ingredients, then stuff that deliciousness into the fungi.

Yes, mushrooms are a fungus…

…I know, it seems a bit disturbing that we are eating fungus, I can’t lie I agree (not really).

Mushrooms, fungus or not, are one of my favorite foods on planet earth.

Hell, in the Asian culture they consume mushrooms in many forms and I don’t know one Asian that doesn’t live until they are like 500, without aging beyond 25, so mushrooms have to be GREAT for us.

I’m no doctor, but my taste buds and body love consuming this baked dish, without a doubt.

Keeping it Real

As I was walking up and down the isles in Trader Joe’s today, it “hit” me…Salmon Stuffed Mushrooms, that’s what was foe dinna.

I grabbed all the ingredients and headed home.

I took my precious damn time getting all the ingredients together, to look Instagram worthy and then shit went down hill.

This is what they don’t show you on Food Network.

Shortly after that perfect photo, I had to play mommy.

I was in such a cooking groove, but had to chauffeur my teenager to the gym for an hour.

So into the fridge the ingredients went, while I proceeded to occupy the aqua massage tables at the gym until my daughter was done.

Rushing home, in anticipation of completing dinner, I couldn’t get to the fridge fast enough.

After warming the oven, mixing all the ingredients, I couldn’t wait to stuff those mushrooms and bake to perfection.

So that’s just what I did.

Then, as luck would have it, the flash on my phone wouldn’t work (battery was dead), the overhead kitchen light was flickering and the lamp I tried to illuminate the food with was less than optimal.

So, although my photos may not be Instagram worthy towards the end, the salmon stuffed mushrooms were yummy as all get out.

This gourmet meal was made possible by my trusted local Trader Joe’s, high quality products on the cheap!

Hope you enjoy making this simple dump meal!

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