I am a dreamer.

A big idea gal.

In my life I’ve chased after many dreams, but possibly none as big as this one.

What better place to chase a dream, than in the land of milk and honey.


I soon found out that California may be the place where dreams come true, but also the place where more dreams are crushed than not.

Being a single mom I’ve financially struggled much of my life and most of my dreams, where ones that would hopefully change all that.

This dream, no different.

I reconnected with an old friend, who conveniently lived in California and had many connections we thought would be helpful in our journey in chasing this dream we created together.

We wanted to direct our own health documentary.

I had over 500 hours of yoga teacher training and uber passionate about health, educating parents on organic food, vaccines, juicing, etc.

My partner was a fitness instructor and health coach.  We shared the same philosophies, could talk for hours about food, nutrients, the broken health care system in America, healing with natural remedies and the list goes on.

So, I saved up enough money to spend an entire summer in California, to make it all happen.

I arranged for my daughter to spend that same time with her father and his family.

I left everything I knew, to adventure to the land of opportunity, Los Angeles to make my dreams come true.

Plastic Dog Run

I must admit I had never felt anything like I did after stepping off the airplane in L.A.

Something was just different.




I felt that anything was possible and I hadn’t even seen outside the walls of the terminal.

In an instant I was already dreading leaving in 3 months and yet it was my first of many days and months to spend on the west coast.

The apartment that would be my home for the summer, was literally in the center of LA, where many movies were filmed.

The streets looked picturesque and the people…the people, where do I start?!?!

Let’s start on my first morning run; I threw on some running shorts, shoes and tank top.  I threw my hair in a pony tail and set off for the streets, not knowing where I was going.

Each house’s yard perfectly manicured and looking pristine.

This didn’t stop with the houses; EVERY woman runner I passed, well, looked like they were walking down a runway, not running.

Their hair was never up in a boring, practical pony tail; their hair was perfect, curled or straight and some even had up-does like it was gala time.  Each outfit looked brand new and shoes too. I was also shocked that each woman had a full face of makeup, not one looking like they just rolled out of bed like I did.

Welcome to the land of plastic.

What really pushed it over the edge tho, were many women were running with their dogs…

I know what you are thinking, running with a dog is normal…

this was different.

These women were running with dog strollers.

I didn’t understand this concept at all?!?!

Don’t dogs enjoy running?

Yes, they do, but the need to show off expensive strollers apparently is more important that allowing your furry friend any public exercise.

Although, I loved running in such a beautiful place and I must admit the air was a wonderful change to the humid south, I really felt under dressed and like I was in a foreign place.

What adventure have you taken and at first felt totally out of place???
(I know I can’t be the only one)

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