Heart Expands

Soul Sisters do California.

Not much that trumps two of my favorite things…

The West Coast and my unconditionally loving, beautiful, Soul Sista, Kim Melia.

California was the first U.S. city my sista called home, after leaving Canada.

This west coast place I adore, she loves just as much if not more.

This was the first trip in a decade that wasn’t centered around business.

Kim and I floated all around California and just enjoyed the west coast and each other.

We adventured to a tennis tournament at La Costa, enjoyed sushi in Seaside California, night club-ed it up in Los Angeles, walked the beaches and meditation gardens in Encinitas, enjoyed our first Acai Berry bowl at Swami’s, connected with friends in Hollywood, went shopping, consumed the very best Thai coconut soup I’ve ever had (to this day), we met the CFO of Netflix and stayed in her L.A. home that was nothing like we’d ever seen before, we enjoyed live music at the Belly Up in Solana Beach and the list goes on.

Being with my soul sister in such an expansive place, on our own, with no real itinerary or people needing anything from us, we just experienced Beeee-ing.

What cool adventures have you taken with your best friend?

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