I have held this secret for so long, but it’s time to release to the world.

Yes, Sharla here and I’m the closet Kardashian FANATIC.


I’m sure so few people would ever picture me watching a ton of TV, much less leaving the tube on E-Entertainment for days, watching every move of the KARDASHIAN family.

This is the TRUTH tho…

I do NOT consider myself a Kardashian expert by no means.
I do consider to be a chip off the “ole” block tho…
NO. my parents don’t watch the Kardashians, not to my knowledge anyways.

But who admits this publicly anyways?


My dad and mom study on the daily, from experts in fields they are constant students of…

-Dad studies: business, investing, real estate, construction, marketing, sales, etc
-Mom studies: holistic health and organic/healthy cooking.

They have set more than a great example of how to be smart, STUDY (and work) YOUR ASS OFF.


When you are participating in events that are drama filled or not producing the lifestyle that you want…you may want to look at what you are “feeding your mind” regularly.

By my bed, you will find the 5 books that I’m reading (and my essential oil burner for great smelling reading moments), you also will find recent business podcasts on my phone, business geared YouTube videos, and many audio books too.

So those mediums are the traditional routes of consuming information that makes me more valuable to the world…

…but I must admit I have learned so much about relationships, business, running and building an empire…

…I’ve learned what not to do and not do, in relationshipsand how to show up, and how not to show up in the world, I’ve learned the boundaries I’m ok with pushing dress wise and those I’m uncomfortable with, and so much more…



I’ve laughed, cried, been irritated by, fascinated with the more than dramatic life, of a less than typical wealthy family in the public eye in Cali.

So what am I really trying to say???

There is something to learn from everyone and everything!

Sometimes we learn positive things that can enhance our life by incorporating them.

Sometimes we learn what NOT to do…EQUALLY as important!

There are powerful messages that can be found in books, videos, workshops, podcasts, and even reality TV, that’s mocked by most.

For me I choose to follow the steps of the supper successful and happy people, who’ve shown me to look at the world as one big lesson, no matter what you are going through…

Take on the attitude that LIFE is happening FOR ME not to me.

So no matter if it’s an actual workshop I attend or book I pick up, I love this journey of learning from whatever angle I can learn from…

…it’s like an addiction of sorts. (could be worse I guess)

So as I conclude my secret of being a not so secret Kardashian fan, it’s time for you to spills the beans.


What have you studied and learned from in the past 30 days?
What are you watching?
What are you reading?
What are you listening to?
What event are you attending?
Tell Me, Tell Me!!! (comment below)

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