10x Your Business

14628066715490Business owners often find themselves in a spot of being very talented, inspired, producing a great product, good or service, yet lacking in any real plan of dominating in the marketplace.

Sharla breaks out of the traditional marketing bubble to help small and mid sized companies dominate in their field.  There is no set way this happens, each client is radically different than the other.

Sharla has been known to assist her clients in cross platform strategies that help them reach TOMA (top of the mind awareness).  This may include web design, video production, corporate events, signage, rebranding, and various other creative ideas specific to each particular client.

When working with Sharla, she’s a one stop shop for all marketing and advertising campaigns.  She’s one of the best networkers and connectors in the industry.  Rest assured that if you are wanting to increase your revenue, Sharla is your gal to make that happen.