You’ve driven down many a highway in your day, and I’m sure you have seen countless billboard advertisements.

Some may be very impressive and some not so much.

What sets the good ones from the bad ones?



No matter if it’s billboards, like the ones above…it’s not about using the most words in attempt to explain your widget…

It’s about knowing your target market so well, that you can speak to them in just a few short words.

It’s about simplicity.

It would make sense that a wordy billboard would fall flat on it’s advertising face, simply because you couldn’t even read the entire billboard before it’s in your rear view mirror [hardly any good at that point].

Advertising is a “refined study of the obvious…most miss the obvious.” Says Frank AuCoin.

OBVIOUS, you only have seconds to capture your target market’s attention [especially on road signs].

SECONDS…not minutes, SECONDS.

So how do you get your message across in an effective way?


Now I have to admit I’ve never had a Coke in my entire life, HOWEVER, I have studied the brand for years…they know how to CRUSH IT.

It’s not like their product is healthy or good for anyone, but they are the #1 soft drink provider in the world, that actually had a super rough start (but that’s a story for another day).

This ad however, not only is fun, eye catching, but it’s message is more than clear: TASTE IT.

Now this may not evoke emotional buying, but it DOES make even me, the non soda drinking woman that I am, to go drink a COKE.

Bottom line, those two words hit home with almost everyone and certainly speaks to those who are soda drinkers.

That captivating fun ad will ring true when next time at the store…

You may not precisely remember the billboard but you will have it engrained that you need what Coke has, so you will probably pick one up.


Chick-fil-A keeps it simple stupid.

Hell, they don’t even spell correctly and their ads CRUSH IT.

People are desensitized so much that these ads work.

My mom, former special ed teacher, would have HATED these ads 10 years ago…

She would have said something like “I can’t believe they make fun of the way kids write, it’s so demeaning.”

Now though, she wouldn’t blink an eye and probably at her next stop, be chowing down on some waffle fries.

People are also desensitized to realize that clearly the cows are promoting to kill, process, cook and serve his brother farm animal the chicken…but no one [except for my kind of people-prior vegan] even thinks that way.

Most think their ads are more than comical and as all marketers know, they are supper effective.

So how do you create ads that work?

  1. Pin point your exact target market.
  2. Refine your message into a sentence or less.
  3. Create power statements in your advertising that drive people to you.

Clearly if I’m vegan, Chick-fil-A isn’t trying to convert me, they are going after the chicken lovers of the world…

…that comes across in ALL their marketing.

This is what it takes to dominate in your industry.

Most are too close to their own brand to do this.


This is why it’s critical to do what Loral Langemeier suggests if you want to “do less and make more.”

If you don’t have a nack with words that sell, then you need to HIRE SOMEONE who does.

There are only select people that do this properly, so it would make sense to use someone who’s a professional.

If you needed a root canal, watching a YouTube video learning how to do that on your own, may not be the best idea…

…extreme example but you get where I’m going with this.

More Ad Campaigns That WORK.

My favorite of the day…BRILLIANT AD. [you wont forget]

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