Adults acting as rotten misbehaving
children, get rescued by the
“almighty” government.

Sharla here…I can’t stay long or my
oven may burn today’s lunch.  (so hungry)

It’s time for this s@#$ to be exposed.

I’m not into politics, but I am into humanity and
taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY (what a novel idea)
as a participating creature in this life.

I know I’m not alone in either having a personal
small business or knowing someone close to you
that owns or runs one.

I have more friends who are in business for
themselves than not…therefore any legislation
or actions taken in the business community effect
most of the world I live in (and yours too).

In 2008, as you probably remember, the government
came in to SAVE the banks, to the tune of

So let me get this straight…

…the same institutions that made the phrase,
“predatory lending” a household name, are
getting their bills paid instead of being
penalized for SCREWING over
countless homeowners.

This is like a child who steals a dozen cars,
from your neighbors, your mother and
even your own teenager…

…only to be reprimanded with the keys
to a brand new Audi, but is told “now, don’t
do that again”

That’s BULL S@#$!!!

Speaking of cars…the bailout BS
didn’t stop there, if you recall.

One year later, in 2009, the government
issued close to $9.3 BILLION dollars to
the automotive industry.


The better question is WHY didn’t the
government come and bail out every
other business that was
struggling-why just the big guys?

Here’s to the cliché answer,
“that which doesn’t kill’s us only makes us stronger.”

The bailouts may have saved most banks and
car dealerships, while many small
businesses closed their doors for life.
(sad day for many family’s)

The businesses that survived,
had to become more creative,
more influential, thrifty, and
like sharks in a sea full of
shark eating whales.

Picture those rich kids you know,
who always got bailed out from their family
but never had any consequences…

…just as you remember the under dog
kid, who had crappy parents and a life of hard
knocks that kept their chin up, worked
hard and became a winner in life.

WELL, that’s what small business
ownership is all about.

you are the BACKBONE of AMERICA.


To survive in the deadly waters of business
ownership, you have to develop thick skin,
a keen eye, and understand that “people skills”
may just be the most critical factor in
making millions…for it is from PEOPLE that all
money comes from.

…if you suck at making friends or keeping them,
then your business will probably tank.

…if you hate being around people
or can’t stand being around them for too long,
you may want to rethink your decision of
being in business for yourself.


It’s all about having great
relationship with

People can not only fill your bank account,
but they can also give great HUGS…something
money will never do.

So maybe this should be a thank you note,
to some degree, to the government…

…Thank you for initially screwing over
the little guys (and gals).

…Thank you for giving us a platform as
business owners, to not be spoiled by your
“hand slapping” bailout BS, but rather
be empowered to SUCCEED how we’ve
always done…


No one ever said being and entrepreneur would
be easy, that’s the TRUTH.

Corporate Bailouts + Tenacious Determined Business Owners = Stronger  Small Business AMERICA

So thank you, business women.
Thank you business men.
Thank you to the families that continue
to work tirelessly on your dreams.
Thank you for being the HEARTBEAT of
this nation!

Thank you for being my inspiration and
my drive!



Cheers to YOUR Success!!!