Are you one of those, who criticizes
all the spelling and
grammar in anything that you read?

Well, Sharla here and I can’t
wait for this
to be over, because I
don’t want you to
throw anything my direction.
[for mentioning Jesus of course]

Not to mention my fingers
often times get away from
me and stroke keys they
shouldn’t be touching…

It must run in the family, this
horrible spelling thing
My dad, Frank AuCoin is a
dyslexic illiterate man turned
multi millionaire (from scratch).

Dad was a 6th grade drop
out and literally couldn’t
read a word until his 30’s…
when my mom (special ed teacher)
taught him how to read
with a newspaper and
a #2 pencil.

Some may look at my dad and
not listen to him,
knowing how (formally)
uneducated he is.

Would it matter if I told you
he’s helped to create
dozens of entrepreneurs who
earn over 6 FIGURES
and many are MILLIONAIRES???

Would it matter that I told you
he once lived in a
trailer, where he couldn’t
afford the lot rent but now

Would you listen to his mentorship?

If you read the messages of
Jesus and the words
were scrambled, would you
pay attention with the
same love, admiration,
and devotion to his message?

I was told early on, it’s not the
messenger that matters
it’s the MESSAGE.

That’s right, the MESSAGE.

The teaching’s of Jesus,
although seemingly more
important than my dad’s
business advise, they both
suck at spelling.

Ok, well I’m not totally
sure about the spelling
abilities of Jesus, but I do
know that the style of
words in many versions of
the bible are often
hard to pronounce and
therefore foreign
to many people.

But that doesn’t dilute the
life changing powerful
messages contained from
the teachings of Jesus.

See where I’m going here?!?!?!

YES, I know Jesus didn’t
physically wright the Bible.

, I just used the wrong
wright-did you catch it???

Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill,
George Washington,
Agatha Christie, John F. Kennedy Jr.
and Benjamin Franklin
are all famous individuals
noted for their horrendous
spelling…but all positively
effected our current world,
them all would be different,

Ok, so why this rant about
people being poor spellers
and less than a grammar master?

NO, I don’t think you
should go back to grade school
if you are amazing at these things.

NO, I don’t think you should over look the teachings of Jesus (or anyone for that matter) who has something valuable to your life, even if they suck at spelling.

I chose this message for you today because if you are “one of those” who is so stiff in life that you can’t look past grammatical errors then you should unsubscribe from my list and never attend any of my seminars.


Because my messages will more than likely be filled with some spelling errors…

…BUT I’m getting better.

…I’m learning every day.

I’m not grammatically perfect, but each message I have to share with you, could shift one thing in your life that’s makes all the
difference in the world.

If you are ok with powerful messages blended with grammar faux-pauxs then we will get along just fine.

Until we chat again, stay tooned.

[yes I did that one on purpose again too]

Deal with it and LOVE it! [I know you can]

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