Memories to Last a Lifetime

In summation of all my summer adventures spent in California, it was one of the most incredible times in my life.

There is nothing to really complain about, even the uncomfortable experiences I moved through and the dream that I didn’t complete, as a single mom not many can say they went outside of their home town for as long as I did.

California is a beautiful place.

Her energy is nothing short of incredible.

With the right people, exploring this west coast of a gem, is incredible.

I would live in California in a heart beat, if my ties to my family weren’t what they are….but maybe some day, when my children are on their own I may consider being a resident of Cali.

Or maybe it would loose some of it’s charm if I did…who knows?!?!

From the swanky parties, to calm walks on the beach, admiring history in several museums…

Just being with friends who love and “get” me…

To eating incredibly tasting and healthy foods, digging my feat in the sands of picture perfect beaches…

I honor and treasure each and every place, experience and person.

California you are a BEUTE!

Until we meet again,
I will treasure all the sweetness that is California!

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