Over 5 years ago I was more than excited about sharing my love of cooking and living Vegan with the world.

My mom and I worked on putting together a great cook book…

That we never published for a number of reasons.

Epic Fail…or maybe not?!?!

Instead of killing trees in printing the book, I’ve decided to sprinkle the recipes in my journey of Passport to Living!

It’s a win win for everyone.

I get to share my personalized yummy recipes and you get to try them out!!!

You should know that while all the recipes in the never published cook book, Veganlicious Dishes, that I’m no longer living vegan.

In the Passport to Living food adventures, you will see both vegan and very non vegan dishes.

So you can enjoy whatever floats your boat.

And yes, there will be more than just these 3 recipes…this is just getting the party started!

Asian Rainbow Salad

Any time day or night, this simple flare of asian will delight your tastebuds and take you on a trip around the world.

Failing Forward

My unpublished cookbook is now finding it’s way into your kitchen…no trees were killed in sharing these recipes.

Strawberry Delight

Such a simple yummy dessert.
Kid friendly!

Raw Lasagna

This foodie and wanna be chef actually had the honor of cooking along side…

Coconut Asparagus Soup

Served on the side or as a main dish, this simple nutrient rich soup is a scrumptious.

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Join the Adventures of Passport to Living with Me!!!

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