Forever Hollywood

Since 1899, on Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles and the Forever Hollywood Cemetery, is where the bodies of the rich and famous lay to rest.

And believe me you, this is no ordinary cemetery at all.

Where most may be creeped out by cemeteries, the Forever Hollywood Cemetery is more of a tribute to musicians, actors, writers, directors and basically anyone culturally significant who could afford to be buried there.

No need to worry about stepping on a grave marker flush to the ground, because there aren’t many… Rather epic cement monuments mark the graves.

Some costing probably more than your car or house. But never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that one of the most incredible regular locals’ events would be held here.

Mausoleum Movie Night

In hand with food, booze, and blankets, we waited for and hour to walk our way thru the famous graveyard to the Fairbanks Lawn to watch an old black and white film.

I would love to tell you what particular movie was playing but I may have tossed down a bit too much wine to recall.

Walking by so many famous actors, actresses, musicians that I actually recognized.

It helped that some even had statues of themselves marking where they were laid to rest.

I was shocked at the non-creepy vibe and positive energy in this space.

Realizing the movie was projected on the mausoleum, I have a brief moment of creepy come over me…which QUICKLY passed after the stunning frame of towering palm trees waving in the wind.

Oh how I love nature!

Needless to say ,the lawn was packed with hundreds of people who all paid good money to watch a movie in a graveyard.

I must admit I didn’t watch much of the film, our small little group of friends were carrying on with stories of the past, sharing laughs, great wine, crackers, cheese, fruit and more wine.

And in true Cali form, we often played an unnamed game…trying to match the group of people to the 420 we smelt.

You can’t beat sharing space with the greats in entertainment, culturally diverse participants, brisk perfect air (with no humidity), all under the starry skies flanked with breath taking palms swaying from side to side.

Cinespia was one of my favorite adventures in my summer spent in Cali and would go back in a heart beat.

Would you ever watch a movie in a graveyard? 

Why or Why Not?

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